Plan a Great Celebration for Yourself or a Friend!

by Amy Botwinick

What’s the best cure for that painful divorce hangover? A Divorce Party, of course! With this inspiring guide in hand, you can throw a fun-loving, out-of-the-box celebration for yourself or a newly divorced friend that will jumpstart your foray into the exciting land of Singledom.</p><p>Your guide, Mizz Movin’on, has been there and done that and looks forward to helping you make the most of this exciting journey. Half the fun will be planning the party. From creative invites, unique themes, hilarious activities, unwedding rituals, and decorating divorce cakes to ideas for nights out on the town— there’s nothing missing when it comes to this ultimate guide to post-divorce “girl-friendly” fun! And it’s not just about the party, of course. Pre-party jump-starts get your Mojo running and post-party maintenance ideas help you stay on track when the Divorce Cake has been eaten and all your friends go home. Even then, this guide can serve as a source of inspiration for getting a move on and moving on!

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