The Back Story

Still reeling from her divorce, Linda is rescued by her three friends who have come to turn her despair into a weekend of hilarity. Linda has to pack up her house and memories while finding the courage to start over again when all she wants to do is bury herself in Ben and Jerry’s Chubby Hubby ice cream. With the help of a delivery pizza boy, a groping massage therapist, a fabulous make-over guru, among others, they sing and dance their way through the wildest divorce party ever. Nothing is sacred as the girls cut loose on the realities of divorce, long term relationships and moving on, coupled with a good dose of comic mayhem, and a touch of “naughty.”

Using popular songs with clever new lyrics, the ladies deliver an evening of laughs as they drag their newly divorced friend up by her self-esteem and force her to face the world again, whether she likes it or not. By the end of the show, women are dancing in the aisles and leaving with a smile on their face knowing they are not alone and there can be life-after-divorce. It’s the “Ultimate Girls’ Night Out” for any person dealing with the before, during, or after phase of a broken relationship. It’s the “should I stay or should I go” married prisoners, or the best excuse to get those newly divorced friends out of the house!



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